Monday, August 30, 2010


Meet my newest canning buddy, Blanch.
She's fabulous when canning peaches.  
The peels usually slide right off. 
 Like butter from a hot knife.  
It's not always perfect.  
I had about 5 (out of 20 pounds) 
that didn't peel properly when blanching them, 
but I think they were less ripe than the others.  
That's my theory anyway.
Here's the 3rd batch I'm working on.  The bag is still half full.
You can see a tiny bit of my 1st batch of canned peaches.

Here's how to easily peel peaches.

Dunk peaches in boiling water for 30-60 seconds.
Who cares if they're washed and the stickers removed?  They're being boiled!

Transfer them to a bowl of ice water until they're cool.
Ice bath.

I have fingernails, so I pinch a tiny bit of skin near the bottom and begin sliding the peels off.  
I just finished canning 20 pounds of peaches this week, so I took advantage of this blanching trick.
Easy peel.  I only had 1 hand, or I'd show even more!

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