Monday, August 2, 2010

Blueberry Jam

I was so sad when I came home from California and went to the grocery store where they had 5 pounds of blueberries on sale for a great price because they were out.  I got a raincheck July 20th (last day of the sale) for 2 boxes.  I had already told the girls we'd be making blueberry jam.  Blueberries are Jim's favorite fruit, I think.  Disappointment all around.  The huge boxes are only available for a little while, so I asked at the front desk and in the produce section if they'd get more.  Four separate people assured me there would be more later.

Today, after 5 trips to look if they're back yet, I asked the produce guy and he said they just got some in this morning.  He had to get them from the back, but I am know the proud owner of 10 pounds of blueberries!  I wonder how many jars of jam that will make?

10 LBS!!!

While waiting for blueberries, they had pectin on sale (BOGO) and Wal*Mart, which I generally avoid, had a dozen little jam jars for $6 (and I had coupons!!!).  The waiting was frustrating, but should be totally worth it when tomorrow morning I get to slather on some fabulous homemade blueberry jam on . . . some kind of bread.  Maybe I'll make some English Muffins tonight.  They won't heat the house too much since they get cooked on the griddle.

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