Aprons... My humble beginning

When I first got married, I wanted to make curtains and save money.  I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas.  My mom got me a Kenmore machine with some basic stitches and a few frilly looking ones.  I read the manual and talked with a sewing neighbor.  Since that basic beginning in the early 1990s I taught myself how to make window treatments, costumes, skirts, holiday dresses, sleepwear, quilts, bedding, etc.

Last winter, I met a few ladies who live near me and sew every Thursday.  One was Clara's teacher, who I had previously chatted about little girl dresses and quilts with.  I love the variety of skills in this group I joined.  They inspire me to try new things and step out of my comfort zone.

This spring, I discovered the sewing book section at our local library.  I found several apron books about aprons that are absolutely adorable!  The aprons I had seen in the stores before were functional but never pretty.  I had never known aprons could be worn just as something cute, or that they could be used for art/crafts, gardening, etc.  These books opened up whole new worlds of creativity, femininity, opportunity and inspiration to me!

There are so many apron books and patterns out there.  They are filled with
vintage aprons,
frilly aprons,
sturdy and functional aprons,
half aprons,
full aprons,
smock aprons
gardening aprons
kitchen aprons
craft aprons
shirt-style aprons
kid's aprons
clothespin aprons
appliquéd aprons
quilted aprons
grilling aprons
hostess aprons

I've been so inspired that I started making some of the patterns and even adapting and naming some of them to include ideas from other patterns.  I sold a few at the local school craft fair and opened an etsy shop.  At the same time, I've been working on clothes, costumes, sleepwear, quilts and window treatments.  These women I sew with are amazing inspirations and I look forward to sewing with them each week.

Check back often to see new aprons at www.sewfeminine.etsy.com and tell me what you love or what you'd like to see more of!