Sunday, August 1, 2010

the last minute

Waiting till the last minute to accomplish something is what I do apparently.  It stresses me out, causing more headaches, frustration and crankiness, but somehow I haven't figured out how to get things done early.  What's wrong with me?  I did a great job in college one year....

We go to the renaissance festival each year as a family and we dress up.  We've done it since 2002, I think.  We've hit Texas (Scarborough and Plantersville - I think), Arizona (near Apache Junction) and have twice visited the Colorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur.  This one has much cooler weather and is set in the pines.  It's great!

The problem?  I wait till the last minute to finish ... well, to start things.  My girls both specified costumes they wanted months ago (perhaps, last fall?)  I purchased fabric and a pattern for the fairy costume a few months ago, and just got the fabric for the other last week.  Unfortunately I had to come up with my own pattern for Queen Lucy of Narnia.  You can see some great pics of this costume at 
Click "Prince Caspian" and then "Lucy."

Here's what I ended up with.

My little fairy (who didn't want fairy wings) was crowned "Queen of Love and Beauty" by Sir James at the 1st jousing event and Lucy Pevensie was recognized by at least 2 people I overheard.  I guess I did a good job.  I must compliment Jim, my supportive and creative husband, who did all the leather work for Queen Lucy.  Aren't I lucky to have such a great family!  And lucky to have had 3 costumes that still fit from 3 years ago.

I bought fabric for my own new costume a few months ago, but that will have to wait till next this fall maybe?  I also got a pattern for Jim's new shirt.  Alex mentioned wanting bracers yesterday, so I'll have to come up with a cool pattern for his new costume, too!  We're all kind of tired of our "old stuff."  Trin's already making plans to pass the title of Queen Lucy on to Clara and she'll just be Queen Susan.  Maybe I'll get them done before June.  How fabulous would that be?

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