Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Roasted Chiles

Last year, Jim went to a produce stand and got a very full quart sized bag of fire roasted Hatch chiles for $6.  I was excited, and overwhelmed with how many little containers I filled for my freezer.  I figured it costs about $1 for a little container at the store, so he did great!

This year I went to the stand and the bags were about half as full as last year, and the bags were now $7.  The only perk this year is that the bags were labeled "hot" or "mild."  Last year they weren't labeled and I'm pretty sure Jim got hot ones.  He was happy, but me and Clara weren't very pleased when tasting my dishes made with the chiles.  Anyway, I was quite disappointed when I left the stand with my tiny bag of chiles.

I peeled them, diced them up and didn't even get 4 half cup servings out of it.  I counted 17 chiles.  For 7 dollars.  This was definitely not a good deal.

Luckily I went to the grocery store, and Hatch chiles were on sale.  I paid $1.37 for 13 chiles.  I should have bought more, but wasn't sure until I cut up my bag of pre-roasted ones that I'd need a lot more to last for the year.

I searched for how to roast my own chiles.  I don't touch the BBQ after a slight explosion, a fireball and singed hairs on my arms several years back.  Jim's out of town, so I roasted them in the oven.

500 degrees
15 minutes

Watch your chiles, or you could have burnt and not roasted.  I've seen some sites that suggest they'll be done in 5.  Mine weren't.  The skins should start to blister and blacken in spots.  This is where the skin is separating from the yummy flesh.

Put them all in a plastic bag to "sweat."  I think this is kind of like blanching.  My new friend.

Let cool, then peel the skins and slice, dice or whatever.  Some of mine didn't blister and blacken enough, and then the skin stuck, kind of like my blanched peaches.

Use gloves, or you'll be sorry later!  Especially with the hot ones!

I diced mine and froze them in little 1/2 cup blocks.  When they're solid, I'll pop them into a baggie.  If I leave them in the containers, I have a tendency to drop them on the floor, shattering them into lots of pieces.

I now have 13 roasted chiles that I paid $1.37.  I also have some seeds I snagged from one before roasting, that will hopefully provide me with free chiles for me and some friends next year!

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