Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blueberry syrup, too!

While preparing to make blueberry jam the other night, I thought I'd check my canning book for other blueberry recipes.  I saw blueberry syrup and started thinking about blueberry breakfast bake, whole wheat pancakes, white wheat waffles (I just ate some tasty ones at my friend's house) and my husband's love of all blueberry things.  I decided to try making blueberry syrup at the same time as the jam.

Oops.  I forgot I'm not good at doing 3 things at once.  My oldest thought he wanted to watch Star Wars episode 1 and I offered watch with him while stirring, reading, boiling, sanitizing, etc.

I kinda skipped the step about boiling the water/sugar mixture until it reaches 260 degrees.  I'm pretty sure at our altitude it wouldn't have ever gotten there, but I forgot to even get it warm, let alone boiling.  After about an hour of stirring the boiling mixture of strained juices and sugar water, I gave up and snuck in a little bit of pectin dissolved in some water.  It's still too runny for me, but then so is the jar I buy at the store a couple times each year.  Hopefully mine will be healthier and cheaper.

8 small jars of jam, 3 pints of syrup (1 each in fridge)

I may fix breakfast for dinner more often with this tasty syrup!

Hmmm. . . the farmer's market has blueberries on sale today for an even better price.  I just bought 4.5 more pounds of blueberries.  I'll get some more next Wednesday before they go off sale.  I think I'll make some more syrup.  Maybe I'll make more jam.  I probably should be making my English Muffins to try my jam on, too.  I get to don an apron and be all domestic again tomorrow morning.  I'm so excited!

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