Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No more trials of deodorant

I've finally moved past my many trials of deodorant testing (and used up the last of the cornstarch and baking soda mix).

Just baking soda works well, but is a bit scratchy.  The powder also ends up on the floor, sheets, etc.  It was still worth the trouble to avoid the store-bought deodorant.

Mixing the baking soda with cornstarch made it feel softer and smoother, but the powder is still messy.  It was still worth it.

I found coconut oil on sale at my favorite store - Sprouts.  I got a couple containers just for this purpose.  Now I know it's a healthy oil for eating, but when I bought it a couple months ago, I had the purpose of making deodorant in mind.

This is the recipe (and baby steps I copied in my own personal experiment) at kitchenstewardship.com

I shoved it into a deodorant container.  This works well, but is a bit more solid than I anticipated at the really cold winter temperatures in Colorado.  To put this in perspective, I drop my heat down to 57 while we're sleeping since we're sleeping, bundled in warm blankets and fuzzy pjs.  The warmth of Phoenix is a bit too warm to keep it in a deodorant container because it turns into a liquid.  This is not just a little mushy, but complete oily liquid.  I decided to go with a small container with a lid to store mine in, just in case it gets warm and I am unaware.  I love it.  It feels more like normal deodorant.  It's not scratchy.  It doesn't leave little bits of white powder on things.  It feels nice, soft and moisturizing.  I smell better too.  Fabulous stuff this homemade deodorant is!