Friday, November 12, 2010

Egg Wash

I tried an egg wash Wednesday.  And I'm not talking about giving the pie crust or the top of my bread an egg wash to make them shiny.

I washed my hair with an egg yolk.  Some women with beautiful, long hair swear by it.  My father-in-law's fiancée said she washed with eggs as a little girl.  I was skeptical, but since Jim was out of town, I decided to try it.  I mixed an egg yolk with a little warm water, dumped it on my head and scrubbed.  It smelled like uncooked egg, which I don't like.  I rinsed with warm water.  I rinsed some more.  I could still smell egg.  I rinsed some more.  Then I thought it must be my imagination.  It kind of smelled like wet dog, but I cleaned a house with 3 dogs today.  I washed my body really well with Dove to get rid of the dog smell, rinsed my hair some more, then continued with my usual hair care.  I did my regular vinegar rinse and then used Suave Naturals Coconut, which I think smells yummy.  I rinsed really well after both of these steps.  I still smelled the yolk/wet dog smell.  I figured it must be my little prep bowl.  I washed that out, and rinsed my hair some more.  I figured any lingering smell must be in the room.

I got out of the shower and dried my hair.  The ends still feel like straw, but maybe a tiny bit better.  I didn't have as many flyaways (from all the breakage) as I do with baking soda (which is still less than with shampoo).  I almost put some olive oil in while wet to moisturize the ends, but decided not to ruin my egg wash experiment.

All was fine till I got to the girls' school to pick them up (about an hour later).  I smelled the yucky smell again.  I hoped it was my imagination and asked all three kids to smell my hair.  They all said, "ew."  I kept my hair up for a couple days so I wouldn't catch a whiff anymore.  When it was completely dry it wasn't bad unless you stuck your nose in it, but I don't want to get intimate with my husband and have a stinky head.

Since my hair doesn't love the egg wash much better than the baking soda, why waste an egg AND smell horrible.  I think I'll try something else next time.  Maybe I'll stick to my baking soda wash and just put a little EVOO on the ends afterwards when its dry.  My hair is nearing my lower back, and hasn't had a trim in a year.  I used harsh shampoos until this spring, so I hope my hair will someday recover without too much chopping.  Jim loves long hair and I have been told by many I look best with long hair.

Maybe someday I'll post some pictures of me after my first Locks of Love donation and you can vote on which looks best.


  1. Oh sorry about that! I am one of those 'who swear by it'. lol

    Can I ask... did you use lukewarm water when you washed? I know that if you use too hot of water it will cook the eggs. Maybe it also contributes to a scent?

    I actually use the egg yoke but I mix it with some vinegar to make it thinner. I also think the vinegar outweighs any smell (though I can't say I've ever smelled egg) and when it dries diminishes anyway.


  2. Ack, I haven't blogged in forever, so I'm just now noticing a comment!

    I used warmer than lukewarm, but not hot water. I used the whole egg the first time. I tried it again once with just the yolk and put in a couple drops of lavender eo. The smell was much better. My husband hates the vinegar smell (which he says he can smell even when completely rinsed out well and thoroughly dry), and it seems to create even more flakes (I have eczema on my head in a couple spots).

    I've gone back to my baking soda and water a couple times each week, which isn't great for the eczema, either. Usually after that I use Suave Naturals conditioner (it doesn't leave a waxy or oily mess like most conditioners). I love the vinegar feel for my hair, just not on my head anymore, so I wish I could find just the perfect no-poo method. I figured by a year, I'd have it all down pat!

    Thanks for the input Jocelyn.